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Custom Electronic Design

StrykerTECH is an engineering services firm that delivers custom embedded hardware solutions optimized to meet your unique application. We provide turn-key product development services that support our clients through each stage of a new product launch.

Circuit Design

StrykerTECH designs custom electronics for a wide variety of applications in many industries. Our engineers work with you to understand the needs of your application to make sure the technical specs are sufficient to meet your expectations.

To ensure rapid time to market, we have come to expect prototypes that are right the first time. We reduce design risks and achieve short development cycles by drawing from our impressive library of related design building blocks.

Typical building blocks that often appear in our hardware designs include:

  • ARM microprocessors
  • Low power microcontrollers
  • Wired Ethernet and wireless networking (802.11 Wi-Fi)
  • DC/DC power supplies
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • Battery powered products and multi-chemistry battery charging
  • Analog signal conditioning
  • Bluetooth and BLE
  • USB peripherals
  • LCD displays
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
  • Serial communications: RS-232/422/485

High Performance Architectures

Our engineers frequently design products utilizing the latest high performance bus architectures including:

  • Memory busses for ARM CPUs: DDR3 1066 MHz, and FLASH.
  • Computer expansion: PCI Express 2.0, PCI-X 133 MHz.
  • Storage interfaces: SATA 3 Gbps, and SAS 6 Gbps.
  • High speed LVDS digital signaling.
  • Communication ports: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC, PHY, and USB.

Schematic designers must carefully consider transmission line aspects such as loss and terminations to ensure high speed busses perform reliably across boards and cables. Similarly, the board designers consider impedance, length matching, cross talk, stubs, and copper plane design to ensure the signal integrity on the finished circuit boards.

Power Supply Design

The engineering team at StrykerTECH has also developed several boards operating as AC/DC power supplies or DC/DC buck-boost converters. Some of the applications require redundancy, fault tolerance, and voltage monitoring.

We have worked extensively on high power PCB designs requiring up front thermal analysis and heatsink design to ensure component temperatures remain within specifications across ambient temperature range of the product.

Some chipsets require complex onboard power supply architectures requiring many onboard voltage levels. Such designs may utilize an assortment of technologies such as isolated DC/DC conversion, linear regulators, and power up sequencing.

Web and Wireless Connectivity

Our developers are frequently tasked with designing products that include web or wireless connectivity so customers can remotely monitor and control their products. Some products may also be required to stream TCP or UDP data to a centralized server or cloud storage.

To enable web connectivity, a wired Ethernet port or a wireless interface such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are added to the board. Our developers can implement an embedded web server so customers can access their products remotely from the web browser on their PCs or mobile devices.

Printed Circuit Board Layout

We have designed a wide variety of printed circuit boards (PCBs) ranging from low cost 2-layer boards to high complexity, fine pitch, impedance controlled, 10-layer boards for the most demanding high density applications. Many of our PCBs have been designed with a careful focus on grounding, shielding, and ESD protection techniques to meet the most stringent UL certifications standards.

Minimizing PCB Manufacturing Costs

Our goal is to achieve a layout that meets the electronic design requirements, minimizes cost, board size, and layer count. We avoid the use of expensive fabrication techniques such as: blind/buried vias, complex selective wave pallets, and manual final assembly. Components are placed to meet IPC standard spacing requirements to ensure good solderability and maximize manufacturing yields.

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We differentiate our design services by maintaining several in-house engineering disciplines. This allows us to deliver more than just the printed circuit board. We provide the total product solution.

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